Shipping & Customs

Kuehne + Nagel will only ship to businesses with a valid commercial address. Residential addresses will not be accepted.


All LTL and TL Kuehne & Nagel shipments will be insured (up to USD $500,000) though Nacora International Insurance Brokers. Winning bidders will see insurance cost (0.22% of winning bid) on freight invoice.

Deductible: 5% of sum insured per shipment, minimum USD$1,000.00 per claim/occurrence.

Buyers will be reimbursed full value of purchase minus deductible.

Cargo Claims: Rates are based on NO carrier liability for cargo claims $50.00 CAD and under. Valuation/Liability: Maximum carrier liability $2.00 CAD/lb or $4.41 CAD/kg for all LTL and TL shipments. Insurance / Additional Liability Coverage: Contact your local Kuehne + Nagel office to obtain a quotation for additional coverage of the goods being shipped. Deductibles apply and vary in amounts.

Domestic Shipments

Buyer Arranges Shipping; For Domestic orders shipping to a Canadian address from our Barrie, ON facility, buyers may use their own resources or a carrier of their choice for pickup. Warehouse contact information will be provided post-purchase. 

Global Shipments (Non U.S.)

Buyers will be responsible for arranging their own shipping and customs broker. Kuehne + Nagel will be able to provide shipping & customs quotes on a case by case basis, based on the final destination of the order. Contact info will be provided on the auction page and post-purchase.

United States Shipments

Buyers are required to use Kuehne + Nagel as shipper and Customs Broker. Shipping & Customs charges will be paid to Kuehne + Nagel directly after the sale.

Shipping Estimates provided by Kuehne + Nagel are included on the auction page for your convenience. This estimate does not include any customs related fees.

Instructions and Kuehne + Nagel contact information will be provided to the winning bidder in the “Bid Won” email.

First Time buyers must send a signed Power of Attorney form to Kuehne + Nagel before your order will be released. This form and instructions will be provided post-purchase.

Per Order, buyers must provide a completed Importer ID Input Record Form 5106 as well as an FCC Form 740 (Importation of Radio Frequency Devices).

Buyer is responsible for additional Customs Fees:

  • $215 Customs Brokerage Fee for Kuehne + Nagel
  • Per order, a Customs Bond fee will be applied (allows the buyer to use Kuehne + Nagel’s customs bond). Variable based on Winning Amount; $75 minimum, $550 maximum.
  • Merchandise Processing Fee: For U.S. Customs and Border Protection, 0.3464 percent of the sale price, the maximum amount of the fee shall not exceed $346 and shall not be less than $25.
  • The table below shows the estimated total for customs fees the buyer will be required to pay Kuehne + Nagel in order to ship the order to the United States. 

Estimate Includes:

  • Customs Brokerage Fee
  • Customs Bond Fee
  • U.S. Customs Merchandise Processing Fee
Winning AmountTotal Estimated Customs Fees
$5,000 $315
$10,000 $325
$15,000 $358
$20,000 $405
$25,000 $453
$30,000 $500
$40,000 $595
$50,000 $690
$60,000 $785
$70,000 $880
$80,000 $975
$90,000 $1,070
$100,000 $1,111


Smartphones and Tablets will be packed securely in partitioned boxes.