Wireless Carrier: Important Information

- Apple iPhones will be carrier unlocked (not tied into a certain carrier's network).

- All other smartphones will be carrier locked (tied to a certain carrier’s network). The responsibility of unlocking the unit will be with the buyer, or ultimately the unit’s end user. Carrier locked manufacturers include but are not limited to: Samsung, Alcatel, Blackberry, Google, HTC, Huawei, Kyocera, LG, Microsoft, Motorola, Sony, Sonim, & ZTE.

Condition Grades: Smartphones & Tablets

Grade A+: Fully functional unit; pristine used, like-new condition. Will not include original packaging.

Grade A: Fully functional unit. No scratches, nicks, or blemishes on the front & screen, sides, or back side/battery cover. Like-new cosmetic condition.

Grade B: Fully functional. These units will have light general wear from normal use. The device may have a few light scratches, nicks, or blemishes on the front & screen, sides, or back side/battery cover.

Grade C: Functional unit. Will have at least one of the following conditions: cracked screen or housing, liquid damage, gaps between housing, gouges, dirt & dust under LCD screen, customization. The unit’s originally installed software may have been rooted. Phones may have issues with charging / battery life.

Grade D: Devices will contain some degree of liquid damage. Devices will power on, but may have cracked screens or housing, gaps between housing, or dirt & dust under LCD. Devices may have issues with charging/battery life. Suitable for component harvesting.

Condition Grades: Consumer Electronics

A New / Pristine; Original accessories included.
B Open Box or Refurbished product; Product tested. Packaging may be damaged. Original accessories included.
C Open Box or Scratch/Dent; Product may not be inspected/tested or has minor damage. All original accessories may not be included.
D As is or Salvage; Defective or heavily used. May be missing parts, manual, accessories or packaging.